If you have a Windows computer with Microsoft Excel, we recommend installing and using XBRLAnalyst Add-in, because it provides many advanced capabilities for populating Excel models with live auto-updated financial data. If you have a Mac computer or want to work with Excel models in a browser, we recommend installing a web-based version called iXBRLAnalyst, which is available from the Microsoft Add-in store for Excel.

The video tutorials below demonstrate how to use XBRLAnalyst to fetch data in Excel for your financial analysis and investment projects.

iXBRLAnalyst tutorials

Overview of iXBRLAnalyst

XBRLAnalyst tutorials

XBRLAnalyst Installation

Overview of XBRLAnalyst

Create automated templates

Review Draft XBRL reports

XBRLFact tutorial

Adding new financial definitions

Valuation Model – Harley Davidson

(Business Segments)

Features of Comps Table Report

Financial Disclosure Data with XBRLPivot