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Stock prices and financial data from SEC reports in Excel (10-K, 10-Q, & 8-K)
With our XBRLAnalyst Add-in, get instant access to recent and historical financial data in Excel from SEC Edgar and US stock exchanges.


  • You can view and download any stock data from financial statements and disclosures of 10-Q and 10-K SEC filings; all SEC forms are available in the XBRLAnalyst Add-in.
  • New Excel functions added to Excel with XBRLAnalyst can populate and keep auto-updated your Excel model and financial templates such as Discounted Cash Flow using Edgar’s database.
  • We pre-compute all the missing fiscal periods and standard non-GAAP financials. For example, you can get Q4 data for 10-K filings and Q3 cashflow data from the Q3Cum period of 10-Q reports.
  • All the detailed and accurate disclosure data from 10-Q and 10-K forms can also be fetched automatically in your Excel model as individual formulas or large Pivot tables using the XBRL tags.
  • You can search, screen, and compare public company financial metrics in Excel instantly. You can also create your own metrics and use our pre-built templates to simplify and automate your analysis.
  • For comparing financials across multiple companies, we automatically align fiscal periods with calendar periods and normalize GAAP line items often reported differently by those companies.

Comparative analysis of pharma companies

XBRLAnalyst is a comprehensive financial analysis platform for Excel that has been used for almost 10 years by investors, equity and credit analysts, forensic accountants, and academic researchers. It offers tools for monitoring, searching, and comparing SEC filings of ALL public companies traded in the US. 


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